Friday, February 22, 2019

Shameless Store Promo

I updated my Etsy store. My original idea for the blood pendants was to have the letter in with the red cells instead of painting it on. I got lucky and eventually found a mold with the right size letters to use, and I think they are just so much better. I have been messing around with the alcohol ink for the resin too and have made some really nice color mixes. I think they are just perfect:

I would like to use some of the bigger pendents that people can put their initials in. Ill have to see how much space they take up in the different pendents, but there are some large ones so I'm pretty sure that two names could be in there or a couple short words. This circle piece could definitely fit some initials in it with the blood type.

If you want to donate to my store you can go to this wishlist. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your donations, so please consider sending me more stuff to work with. I am slowly getting through all my shop ideas, more or less. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of energy because of my health to work every day, but I'm slowly getting there. Art brings me joy, which helps a lot.

Be kind to each other, everyone is in pain.

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