Sunday, December 29, 2013

Creatures updates to c1 world

I've run into some more sprite issues. I realized that one of the chili plants was missing a sprite.


I had to go back and make sure the sprite was put in the file, and all the plants after it in the file had their numbers changed. I had to go through the written ones to change the numbers to match the correct sprite.

I also noticed the pink chili's had errors in the sprite that needed fixed, which was easy enough. Anything that interferes with my coding can go straight to purgatory because I don't want it in Hell with me.

Despite this hiccup, I been experimenting with making a plant grow from it's old fruit. I'm not sure if I really want it to be added to the world because there's already so much going into it.

But at least I'm getting somewhere!

Can't sleep whyyy

So I been having a bad health weekend. The weather changed drastically, as it goes in Ohio, and I started to feel bad.

Today I would call an 8 or 9 on the pain scale. I couldn't quite get up all the time and when I did I felt like my nerves were freaking out. I keep trying to sleep but can't for more than a couple hours. Pain in this level makes it hard to type but using Swype kinda works pretty awesome for writing.

I put blogger on my phone so I'm actually going to write instead of skipping months and weeks. Put it on my tablet too, and I'm pretty much set.

Besides the pain weekend, my life has been awesome. I met the love of my life, moved to a new place, and have been building friendships with some amazing people. My pets are happier, I'm happier, and family has noticed how happy I am. Other friends notice how happy I am. It's almost like a dream. I feel kind of like, it's not going to be real and I'm going to wake up, but I realize I am awake I'm still feeling it, and have never felt this good in my entire life. I feel like all the good deeds I've done have accumulated karma and sent it my way finally. I feel pain but only in a physical way. It's not pulling me down emotionally anymore. It can't. And I see karma working elsewhere finally.

Totally weird. But pretty interesting how I notice good things now.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just a tiny update.

Since I been working so much on the art, and not really writing about it, I have actually been testing out streaming on twitch and showing off any coloring and art I been doing. So I hope so see you guys there, and I hope you enjoy what I been working on!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Health Issues

I have been away from working on the sprites lately because I have run into several issues.

Work has been extremely busy. Also I have decided to leave work for good due to the other issue I been having, which is my health.

Aside from having pain issues because of my Fibromyalgia, I find that eating has been getting more and more painful. I have been running into a lot of nausea, vomiting, and belly pain EVERY TIME I EAT. It's horrid. It's enough to not want to eat, but that isn't really an option. So not only do I have a hard time with milk products, I get this issue with just eating anything in general. I went to the doctor, like any normal person would (at least I hope they would!).

Unfortunately the news is not very good. Post-eating issues tend to be one of two things, which is excessive stomach acid, or your gallbladder. Great. My mom had her gallbladder removed recently. I also have been taking Prilosect to try and keep the stomach issues under control but they weren't really helping. My doc gave me some Nexium and I am off for a month of seeing if it helps the stomach acid.

I am starting to find out that if I have anything greasy, my nausea and stomach pains are much worse. This wasn't a problem when I eat generally vegetarian, but since I started on the grain free I been consuming a little more meat. And potato chips, because they are tasty and grain free. I wasn't really going keto because I just wanted to see if I felt better without grains (I do), and I wanted to stick to veggie more. Regardless, more chips and more meat means more fat, or more oil/grease stuff. And it is really painful. This is also pretty common for gallbladder attacks because they are much harder to digest than things without fat, meaning more bile, meaning more gallbladder work, and if its already unhappy, that little guy really doesn't want to do anything else, and you are just making it work.

I dislike that my food options are becoming so limited now. Sometimes I want a little fatty food because when I have a hard pain day, it makes me feel a little better to have that tasty yummy stuff. and I really miss bread, and noodles, and rice, and other stuff that I can't have being grain free, or I'll risk a grain hangover (like a regular hangover, but I get it from eating food. Horrible right?). And on top of finding out how much food bothers my fibro, I am learning that I probably have a sensitive gallbladder. So now even things I expanded into to help deal with the hunger from switching off grains is making me feel worse. WHAT THE HELL? I WANT SOME GOD DAMN POTATO CHIPS! AND A BLT MAYBE!

So I am frustrated. Health is down the tubes. I have to figure out a good balance of foods that wont make my nerves set on fire and wont aggrivate my belly. I can't even handle this right now.

At least I have a break between work and going back to school; maybe I can figure out what I can do in that time span.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Animals!

So far I have gotten a lot of work done! I have finished all the colored items in the color folders, and I am moving on to finish the last things I have left, which are the animals.
I have been working hard on finishing all kinds of cute critters, but I decided early on that I would add other critters that may not be typically cute for other people =D
For example, I have these vultures. I actually got them from some sprite sheets for enemies in The Lion King video game for Genesis. I apologize for the blurriness but I wanted to show some detail on them. This is what they looked like before:

kinda flat, but that's how the game was!
Notice they are pretty orange, lack an eye and have more of an angry looking slant, and lack some proper shading to make them look more, rounded and like its really there. This is expected, they were enemies Simba had to fight!

Now look a little bit at what I have done:

Generally vultures are either more red or more light skin colors on their heads and feet. I wanted them to look a little more approachable for Norns, because they are actually very good for the environment and as birds they are pretty intelligent. I think they could make good friends for them! I made its eye more open, and added some nicer shading to the wings and body which is not super noticeable, but it makes it more full bodied and appear smoother. Also the nice white color for its collar is easy on the eyes compared to the little bit harsher yellow and orange.

For other animals, I don't have before and after images, but its more of a slideshow than anything!

All kinds of lovely animals for you and your Norns to enjoy! I am hoping to get the rest finished this week and start coding as well. I have most of the food programmed already, and I am putting together a few vendors as well, which are the last steps to finish. But its coming along great! I hope everyone is excited!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

File Organization

The last week or so I have been having some trouble keeping up with making sure all my files are in the same order within each of the folders I have named as different colors. Here is the file structure:

As you can see, I have several colored item folders. Right here you can see the gems and the rubber duckies in the thumbnail. In each folder color, there are more folders:

Each color folder has a bit over 300 files. My goal is to make sure they are all labeled the same in each folder, and make sure each file is present that I have decided (or mostly decided) to keep. It is a little tedious, but I want to make sure that each pose is available, and by having the same number of each item, in the right order, makes it slightly easier when it comes to coding all the items.

The other thing I have to do is separate some images into smaller images, which is also totally annoying! but I do this because no one has made such a big new world for C1 lovers.

Hope you guys like to see these things! It's getting in order, soon enough I'll have some pages on how the programming goes!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creatures Worlds

I've gotten this a little more setup like I prefer. Hopefully there will be better pictures soon!

So the biggest two things going on in my life at the moment is the Creatures world I am developing at the moment, and a possible milk allergy (or food allergy of some sort).

I'll go on about the allergy stuff in another post (so I can label it separate from my Creatures Posts), but I been working hard on this world for C1.

So far I have created tons of plants and animals from sprites from other games that I have edited or modified. I dont want to seem like a cheater! I try to match the C1 style of other COBs, and some of the plants and animals I have completely redone, or at least added some nicer shading.

Remember the old pear tree? It needed some love. 

I thought the branches needed some good knobs and bark, so I added that. There are also the issue of the leaves, which i tried my best to make look individual and more sprite like.

I have over 4000 files of images in my dropbox folder of sprites alone. There are different poses of many, so the number of new things is a tad lower lol, but I have so many plants and animals and objects its hard to put together how much I actually have.
I made a kitty that looks like my Pablo!

Although the spriting isn't quite over yet, I have started to plan out how many of each food and toy and the like are in this new world. I was hoping that it would be complete enough so there is no need to have addons, but I may also have to rewrite several favorites for other people to add into their world. Not a big deal! I already have everything mapped out of ever C1 object EVER so I dont even mind =)

Is it possible for mushrooms to be cute? Because this is cute.
I am starting to feel now that I don't have piles and piles of images and I am getting closer to getting everything complete. I am quite happy about this! I have been adding some images to sprites too, though there is so many plants and animals that I am not even sure if there is a limit to the number of images in a sprite or not.
This is probably my favorite flower so far.

But it's still far from over. I am looking forward to getting more and more done as I go. Hopefully by sharing pictures and other things, I'll not only get other creatures fans to learn about this new world, but possibly get some support on the work I been doing. I feel kinda silly to keep these pictures to myself!
Yes this means there is an underwater room!
So look for any Creatures or C1 blog tags if you want to see more pictures!

First Post!

First time opening this up. Still fixing it up! Be back soon with more stuff =)