Monday, January 10, 2022

Covid sucks

 There's a lot of things that have gone on lately and I just am shocked but not that shocked about how little the fucking govt is doing to protect people. One of the CDC spokespeople just said that people with four or more comorbidities are the only people dying from covid and its just a slap in the face to all disabled people. So many people who are advocating and working towards health rights are disabled people because otherwise we die. The callousness of this person saying that only people with comorbidities are dying is ridiculous. If you have diabetes, neuropathy, depression, and vascular issues, then cool the govt doesn't care that you died from covid. Most people have more than one comorbidity if they have any type of illness. This is just a trashy thing to say to anyone. They don't give a fuck about you or me or your grandma or your dad or whoever the fuck in your family has health problems.

The other thing that is really breaking my brain is the lack of care about sending kids to school to get covid because "oh they are young and will recover fine." Let me remind you that Covid is a VASCULAR disease that will probably not show up problems in kids until years later. Vascular diseases are significant and can kill people. So I guess the attitude is fuck those kids until they start showing symptoms of worse shit. And even then they probably wont do shit. because they are just letting disabled people die, they are just letting kids die, they are just letting old people die, and they are just demanding we get back to work so they can steal our capital once we die. Because that's all this is about. Making people rich.

J wasn't even done being sick, even got a letter from the health department that he should quarantine, but his job was like "its been ten days so you can come back into work." Not, ten days after you stop having symptoms. Not even ten days after you stop testing positive, but ten days after you started having symptoms, you should come back to work. They literally don't care people get this disease that has been proven to give long symptoms to half the people who survive it. You cant even sue the places you work at for being neglectful about covid now that everyone is getting it which is fucking disturbing. Normally if you get hurt at work, they have to pay for your medical bills, but no, not this apparently. Even though they are making people come back in, positive with covid. Because sorry, rich people need airplanes, and they don't care if your spouse will become more disabled from getting infected multiple times by a disease we have had two years to get a handle on.

I am shocked, but not that shocked. I hate it here.

I have reached out to social services to see if I can find housing in a place without mold, and I have a social worker now to help me get onto disability. Hopefully I can get into my own place this year, before I get covid again because of everyone's lax rules about this illness. But even then I am worried about covid because there are multiple friends of mine saying they got covid even with quarantining because most places don't have adequate ventilation and poor filtration on whatever ventilation it does have.

Anyway I'm trying to be better about posting in the week, but I feel like you can get more daily interaction with my discord server. I been better about posting memes every day, soon ill get the routine down. Hope to see you there!