Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Animals!

So far I have gotten a lot of work done! I have finished all the colored items in the color folders, and I am moving on to finish the last things I have left, which are the animals.
I have been working hard on finishing all kinds of cute critters, but I decided early on that I would add other critters that may not be typically cute for other people =D
For example, I have these vultures. I actually got them from some sprite sheets for enemies in The Lion King video game for Genesis. I apologize for the blurriness but I wanted to show some detail on them. This is what they looked like before:

kinda flat, but that's how the game was!
Notice they are pretty orange, lack an eye and have more of an angry looking slant, and lack some proper shading to make them look more, rounded and like its really there. This is expected, they were enemies Simba had to fight!

Now look a little bit at what I have done:

Generally vultures are either more red or more light skin colors on their heads and feet. I wanted them to look a little more approachable for Norns, because they are actually very good for the environment and as birds they are pretty intelligent. I think they could make good friends for them! I made its eye more open, and added some nicer shading to the wings and body which is not super noticeable, but it makes it more full bodied and appear smoother. Also the nice white color for its collar is easy on the eyes compared to the little bit harsher yellow and orange.

For other animals, I don't have before and after images, but its more of a slideshow than anything!

All kinds of lovely animals for you and your Norns to enjoy! I am hoping to get the rest finished this week and start coding as well. I have most of the food programmed already, and I am putting together a few vendors as well, which are the last steps to finish. But its coming along great! I hope everyone is excited!