Monday, November 17, 2014

Albia update

I have been working on the world, I promise!

Class got a little bit of my time so I ended up not able to finish this for CCSF. Fortunately, I should have it done by the end of november, so its going to end up being a good early christmas present for the community.

The testing phases have worked out very well. I may need to eliminate more items because I ended up reaching the limit of macros I can use in the world. For those of you who dont know, C1 is hard coded to only allow so many scripts. Although this worked well for older computers, its not really a big deal for our newer and fancier fast computers. Unfortunately since its hard coded, I may not have much room for new items if anyone wants to add items. Because of this, I am going to have a blank world ready that has really the basic things in it. Some fruits, veggies, animals, etc. I will be including all the COBs that I have coded, so you can add what you want, but I will also have a world that has everything I have made. I feel like this will be nice for people who want to add some of their old items that they like to have, although I have a lot of things that are desirable for a world anyway. So overall, I will have a basic world, as well as a fully stocked world.

I have a few items that are fairly complicated that I will be releasing later as an addon. Some of the things are: dolphin, sharks, vulture, kitties, the puppy for the grendel, a large dragon, weeds, and some toys.

I hope this is something everyone will enjoy. If you have anything suggestions, please let me know! You can PM me on Creature Caves, but you can also comment on this post and I will answer as soon as I can. I am so excited to be finished with this!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Albia World Updates!

Finally, here are some previews for my lovely minions who have been patiently waiting.
Banana Tree

The cherry tree with some added treehouse structure

Rainbow lemons!

One of the trees in the skyroom that grows berries

A sample of flowers growing in the garden, but not all of them!
I am getting so much done, I cant wait to update with more pictures!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Plants

So far I have completed the coding for all the root veggies, all the veggies, and all the fungus. I have begun working on plants daily to try and catch up a little. I have also planned out the rest of my items, plants, animals, etc to their proper script number. It's taking a long time but this is worth it. The game is looking so colorful and interesting, I can't wait for anyone's input!