Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Health Issues

I have been away from working on the sprites lately because I have run into several issues.

Work has been extremely busy. Also I have decided to leave work for good due to the other issue I been having, which is my health.

Aside from having pain issues because of my Fibromyalgia, I find that eating has been getting more and more painful. I have been running into a lot of nausea, vomiting, and belly pain EVERY TIME I EAT. It's horrid. It's enough to not want to eat, but that isn't really an option. So not only do I have a hard time with milk products, I get this issue with just eating anything in general. I went to the doctor, like any normal person would (at least I hope they would!).

Unfortunately the news is not very good. Post-eating issues tend to be one of two things, which is excessive stomach acid, or your gallbladder. Great. My mom had her gallbladder removed recently. I also have been taking Prilosect to try and keep the stomach issues under control but they weren't really helping. My doc gave me some Nexium and I am off for a month of seeing if it helps the stomach acid.

I am starting to find out that if I have anything greasy, my nausea and stomach pains are much worse. This wasn't a problem when I eat generally vegetarian, but since I started on the grain free I been consuming a little more meat. And potato chips, because they are tasty and grain free. I wasn't really going keto because I just wanted to see if I felt better without grains (I do), and I wanted to stick to veggie more. Regardless, more chips and more meat means more fat, or more oil/grease stuff. And it is really painful. This is also pretty common for gallbladder attacks because they are much harder to digest than things without fat, meaning more bile, meaning more gallbladder work, and if its already unhappy, that little guy really doesn't want to do anything else, and you are just making it work.

I dislike that my food options are becoming so limited now. Sometimes I want a little fatty food because when I have a hard pain day, it makes me feel a little better to have that tasty yummy stuff. and I really miss bread, and noodles, and rice, and other stuff that I can't have being grain free, or I'll risk a grain hangover (like a regular hangover, but I get it from eating food. Horrible right?). And on top of finding out how much food bothers my fibro, I am learning that I probably have a sensitive gallbladder. So now even things I expanded into to help deal with the hunger from switching off grains is making me feel worse. WHAT THE HELL? I WANT SOME GOD DAMN POTATO CHIPS! AND A BLT MAYBE!

So I am frustrated. Health is down the tubes. I have to figure out a good balance of foods that wont make my nerves set on fire and wont aggrivate my belly. I can't even handle this right now.

At least I have a break between work and going back to school; maybe I can figure out what I can do in that time span.