Saturday, August 20, 2022

My financial situation is at a bad place. I have to move out of my apartment by august 31st. I cant work still because surprise! I'm still disabled, and I haven't had any proof of income in five years. After a lot of deliberating my solution is a small camper to live in on my friend's property. I have been raising money on stream to a goal of $3666 which can get me a winter ready camper. If you can donate, or if any of your friends can, even a little will help me. I also have some rewards available that I can fulfill on stream or off, depending on your comfort level. I have made this to try to get the word out. You can also donate to venmo or cashapp, I am girlysatan on all of them, and I also have links in the bottom header of the blog so you can pick which one you need. I have raised about 600 so far, but please don't feel obligated, I understand if you can't donate if you are also facing financial hardship! I have attached an image below if you are able to help.