Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Oh jeeze

I am freaking out about my situation. TL;DR too many bills, not enough income since I'm unable to work. If you can donate, please help.

I am in a bad place still with finding housing. We can't find a place to live because it's impossible to find something in our range. I also have $130 electric bill from the air conditioning because I can't maintain my body temp correctly (thanks dysautomia, and my hEDS). I also have gotten a carecredit bill for when my dog died that's about $600. The lowest cost pain meds I can get are $30 which lasts me about a week. I can't work. My body is a piece of shit that doesn't work but I'm still not on disability yet because it's a long process.

I also can't fucking stand that every time I get up or move around I injure myself. My legs and ankles are covered in bruises and my hands are covered in cuts because I keep accidentally hurting myself. I can't do dishes anymore because I keep accidentally cutting my hand on everything. It's almost like my collagen sucks so I'm fragile and take a long time to heal or something.

I redid my tumbler and I think I'm gonna put most of this emotional stuff on there. I need something to talk about how the world is ending and everything is terrible.

But at least I'm drawing again. I been working on making some fan art because I need to focus on something I can control. Hopefully I'll be posting something soon.

Still working on AlbiaSquared, don't worry! Been messing around with insects a bit to add some life into the game. Also my big project is the different birds I made.