Monday, September 23, 2019


If anyone can donate to my PayPal, that would help me be able to see my therapist on Friday. I have had an abusive experience recently and my medical credit card is in the negative, so I don't have any way to pay for my session.

We haven't found a house yet, but we have semi stable housing for now. I'm probably going no contact with a family member that was shitty to me cuz I don't want to tolerate abusive behavior. I am safe, and husband has been very supportive of my decision. I am exhausted because the situation put me into a flare later that day.

I hate to beg right now. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of family financial support and I'm chronically sick, so doctors appointments add up, and so does medication. I haven't been able to go to therapy for about a month, when I should be there once a week per my doctors orders. Hubs works two jobs and we still can't afford meds and copays. I cannot work because of my health. So I need community support to help us get through this period of time.

My links are in the sidebar, or go to and try the links there. I appreciate any help at all and there's a variety of places you can donate.