Monday, April 2, 2018


Albia² V-1

I have spent several years and my idea is finally almost done.

There are still many things that are not finished that I have not included. I will be adding these at later dates as I finish them.

The world allows 48 norns, any creatures can breed together, like in Terra Nornia.

I have included a variety of plants and mushrooms to add to your world. There is not enough room in the scriptorium to include every object I made, so after I give you the basic world, it's your turn to personalize your world.

I will have a website showing what each object does to your norns.

My next update is going to have delivery food and weeds.

So here is all that I have included!

I cleaned up the MU files and included them in the sounds folder. I was annoyed with the amount of static I would hear when I tried to play on my computer. Be sure to keep the original MU files in a safe place just in case you don't like my edited sound files.

One of the vendors is the Oven, by Freya. All her original code is there, I only added a few lines to install my own foods too. I have used Figs beer keg to help norns refill their beers.

I highly suggest using No Eggs Birth, which I have included, because then you don't have to deal with overly curious Norns messing with your eggs, and you can delete the incubator. Speaking of the incubator, I have used Terra Nornias Incubator. I have also used muppetboy's Grendel Mother.

I love this game and I hope you will love it too. I know there are bugs, and I appreciate anyone giving me any feedback on it. So far I have found many and fixed a bunch but I am also using the Creature Caves forum for feedback. I hope you like it as much as I did!