Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creatures Worlds

I've gotten this a little more setup like I prefer. Hopefully there will be better pictures soon!

So the biggest two things going on in my life at the moment is the Creatures world I am developing at the moment, and a possible milk allergy (or food allergy of some sort).

I'll go on about the allergy stuff in another post (so I can label it separate from my Creatures Posts), but I been working hard on this world for C1.

So far I have created tons of plants and animals from sprites from other games that I have edited or modified. I dont want to seem like a cheater! I try to match the C1 style of other COBs, and some of the plants and animals I have completely redone, or at least added some nicer shading.

Remember the old pear tree? It needed some love. 

I thought the branches needed some good knobs and bark, so I added that. There are also the issue of the leaves, which i tried my best to make look individual and more sprite like.

I have over 4000 files of images in my dropbox folder of sprites alone. There are different poses of many, so the number of new things is a tad lower lol, but I have so many plants and animals and objects its hard to put together how much I actually have.
I made a kitty that looks like my Pablo!

Although the spriting isn't quite over yet, I have started to plan out how many of each food and toy and the like are in this new world. I was hoping that it would be complete enough so there is no need to have addons, but I may also have to rewrite several favorites for other people to add into their world. Not a big deal! I already have everything mapped out of ever C1 object EVER so I dont even mind =)

Is it possible for mushrooms to be cute? Because this is cute.
I am starting to feel now that I don't have piles and piles of images and I am getting closer to getting everything complete. I am quite happy about this! I have been adding some images to sprites too, though there is so many plants and animals that I am not even sure if there is a limit to the number of images in a sprite or not.
This is probably my favorite flower so far.

But it's still far from over. I am looking forward to getting more and more done as I go. Hopefully by sharing pictures and other things, I'll not only get other creatures fans to learn about this new world, but possibly get some support on the work I been doing. I feel kinda silly to keep these pictures to myself!
Yes this means there is an underwater room!
So look for any Creatures or C1 blog tags if you want to see more pictures!

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