Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I am so sorry that I have been so busy with school. We are doing urinalysis and other body fluids and its been taking up most of my time. It has been very interesting! we got to see some parasites and some infections, plus gout and pseudogout.

On my down time I have been able to get the world to work better. I did have some troubles with some of the plants and mushrooms so I am just eliminating them. Otherwise most things have been installing with very little problems.

I was thinking the best way to deal with the living things is to have the individual animals installed based on your preference. So the world will have all the plants, fruits, and veggies, but if you want to add different animals, you can go ahead and install the ones you want with the COB file. I'll make it so each one has their own installation number so none of them will screw up the others if you decide to have more than a few. Otherwise it looks like I can publish it without the animals and have the animals as an addon to download.

Today I would like to demo, so I'll publish a link in Creatures Caves later today when I am at home.

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