Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I think I might be screwed.

We have a month left to try to find a home and put an offer in. Most of the houses I have been having problems with is because they are not accessible enough or they have something that violates FHA. Hooray for discrimination!

Capitalism doesn't care about us, because I have genetic health problems that cant be controlled.

The planet is on fucking fire though, and I'm watching society collapse in real time.

I have lost all my fucks. I have no more fucks to give.

Maybe someone will magically buy me an accessible home, and I wont have to panic about having a stable living situation. The most accessible houses are in the 80k range and we are only able to look at 75k or less because I cant work anymore. We cant rent anywhere on Jeff's income alone. I dont know what to do anymore. I just want to live in west Cleveland. I just want to live my last miserable years in one fucking place while my body falls apart, and be able to use a wheelchair to get around in my house.

People with EDS age faster in some ways. I lose my mobility as joints become less stable and more prone to dislocating or shifting. I dislocate or partially dislocate large joints at least once a month. My ribs slipped a couple times this past month just from how I was sitting; I will be just chilling working on art, or just watching fucking Netflix, and I suddenly can't breathe. I hate it.

When is society going to pick up disabled people and support them? Probably never.

I'll probably be homeless eventually, as happens to most people with health problems.

my life is fucked lmaaoooo


  1. This is a total outsider View, I am not Informed in any way about your Live and Health Condition, and what you already tried or did not,so forgive me my ignorance, and insensitivity.

    I like your Creatures Stuff, it is what brought me to the Blog.

    I probably cannot support you in a Meaningful way, As I live on the Other side of the Planet, but I will send you some Money via PayPal, maybe for Cat food, or whatever, It's not like the few Bucks I can spare change a whole lot for you.

    Have you considered outright "begging" for Support on one of those Crowdfunding Sites? I have seen some People have "some success" with it.

    Maybe Idk, if you have a following, regarding your Art, maybe there is a way to monetize it via a Patreon Like Platform?

    Hmm... Dont know what else to say. I Wish you all the Luck.


  2. I am trying to make money off my art and sell on Etsy. However because of my fatigue and health issues I get exhausted quickly, and so art is a very long process and take me a lot longer to do. I can't work in a regular job which blows cuz I'm a certified lab tech and would make plenty. But my health is so bad I can't sit for long periods of time. I am in a lot of crowd funding groups but you don't always get what you need, but I'll see if there are more I haven't heard of.

    Thank you for the support! I just get really upset with the vast amount of limitations there are for me here. It's not a good place to live in if you are disabled and have chronic health issues. I have returned to working on code though and have been working on updates for AlbiaSquared.