Thursday, May 24, 2018

Short update

I been working on some of the insects for Albia² and have had some success. I also added a link to my download onto the blog, and a link for donations because I been working on this stuff for years and could use the support.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The 17 script improvement

I am happy to see that this bug that used to occur in the old Creatures 1 world has been fixed in my new world, Albia². The process was interesting to figure out and I wanted to share what I did with you guys.

I'm going to start with showing you the improved script. This is for my banana, the one that is growing on the tree by the lighthouse.

scrp 2 18 2 17dropimpt 3aim: 0,apprtoucwait 4mesg writ _it_ 4wait 10pose 73wait 5snde chwlmesg writ _it_ 0pose 74wait 7pose 12wait 4mesg writ _it_ 5impt 0wait 20dropdoneendm

The important bit is I added is the drop at the end which is in bold. The drop command tells the creature to drop anything its carrying. It's used right in the beginning, and you can see this in game when a creature carrying something spots something it wants and anything its carrying is dropped immediately. If you have the eye viewer on, you usually see it look at an object and then when it decides to go for it, it drops all its holding.

There is also this small problem with carrots. When a Norn eats a carrot, sometimes it will hang on to it when it turns into a seedling even though its supposed to go back to the ground. This happens because its become deactivated after a norn eats it, and until the carrot is dropped, it will remain deactivated so the norn cant eat it again while its regrowing. Some norns just keep trying to eat the carrot they're holding even though they cant, and wont pick up another object. Its also important to note that all the regrowing foods included in C1 aren't actually removed from the game, it just moves it to another spot where you cant see it, before making it go to back to the garden. Lemons do this too.

I modeled my script after the in game scripts because anything I tried to make was too buggy or just didnt work the way I wanted. But if I wanted to use those scripts, I needed to fix the problem where creatures wont drop the item for long periods of time and almost starve. My solution was to get the creatures to drop the object once its done interacting with it.

This spot is probably the best spot because its right before the done command, where the creature will start to think about something else and is finished with the object. So far its been working wonderfully, for all the regrowing foods I have. I hope you can enjoy it too!

Monday, April 2, 2018


Albia² V-1

I have spent several years and my idea is finally almost done.

There are still many things that are not finished that I have not included. I will be adding these at later dates as I finish them.

The world allows 48 norns, any creatures can breed together, like in Terra Nornia.

I have included a variety of plants and mushrooms to add to your world. There is not enough room in the scriptorium to include every object I made, so after I give you the basic world, it's your turn to personalize your world.

I will have a website showing what each object does to your norns.

My next update is going to have delivery food and weeds.

So here is all that I have included!

I cleaned up the MU files and included them in the sounds folder. I was annoyed with the amount of static I would hear when I tried to play on my computer. Be sure to keep the original MU files in a safe place just in case you don't like my edited sound files.

One of the vendors is the Oven, by Freya. All her original code is there, I only added a few lines to install my own foods too. I have used Figs beer keg to help norns refill their beers.

I highly suggest using No Eggs Birth, which I have included, because then you don't have to deal with overly curious Norns messing with your eggs, and you can delete the incubator. Speaking of the incubator, I have used Terra Nornias Incubator. I have also used muppetboy's Grendel Mother.

I love this game and I hope you will love it too. I know there are bugs, and I appreciate anyone giving me any feedback on it. So far I have found many and fixed a bunch but I am also using the Creature Caves forum for feedback. I hope you like it as much as I did!



Thursday, July 30, 2015

Packaging the new C1 World

I have been trying to come up with ideas on how to package the world. I have come up with a good option.

The main file will have the world, packed with fruits, vegetables, roots, drinks, and food vendors. Of course the basic scripts to allow your creatures to get around. I will have all the images for all the items in the world also so you don't have to go looking through each file to find out what images you need.

I have a website in progress that has all the new item numbers so you know what you have based on visuals in a convenient list.

I will put each genus of items in their own zip files. So all the animals I have completed will be in their own zip. All the plants, all the weeds, all the bugs, will all be in their own zips. I think I am going to hold back on some of the dinosaurs that I was working on so they can be added later, but as I finish each animal they will be added to the animal zip.

How does this sound to everyone? Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Holdup with development

I have been working hard on getting all the scripts installed but I have run into a problem again with the scriptorium. Again, it turns out I made too many objects.

The only solution I can come up with outside of hex editing the world file to allow more objects is, I'll give you the choice to install what you want. I'll make the world have the basic items like vendors and fruit and vegetables already installed, but then you can install the mushrooms, plants, weeds, and animals that you wish to have. Because the world has a limit on the number of scripts you can install, it's just not possible to have everything I made. I literally made too many new objects.

What do you guys think? I wish there was something I could do but I'm not sure how to edit the sfc file to allow more room for scripts. If anyone can help me with that, it could make a difference for all c1 players.